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Using the force

Playing on the trampoline the other day, my son and I found an interesting variant of the static electric flyers using just bare hands instead of a balloon. My son has rather long hair and there was a small bunch of entangled hairs, just slightly felted, not a hard knot. Our hair was standing up in all directions. Just playing around I threw up the bunch of hairs and noticed that when falling down it made a strange motion avoiding to fall on my hand. Remembering Nyle Steiners static electric flyers I immediately tried again and managed to levitate the hairs in the air about ten centimeters above my hands. After that we tried many times, but succeeded only a few times in repeating that. In the video I used a fluff of green wool to increase visibility:


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Yoga master

Interrupt his meditation and he is IN YOUR FACE!

Look at the hairy guy. He is a yoga master.

Do not interrupt his meditation,

do not eat his medication,

do not talk of education,

do not sing without vibration.